Sunday, August 23, 2015

Whistle Stop Quilt Store in Auburn California

I love when quilt stores flag the front of their stores so there is no question where they are and what kind of store they are!

No name is needed. Just say quilts and we will come!

From the outside, Whistle Stop Quilts looks small, but it isn't. It is housed in the corner of an L shaped shopping center. The front is small but then it angles back and is actually one of the biggest quilt stores around. Lots of room for a large classroom, which is nice. Nice bathrooms, thank you very much. Lots of room on the walls to put up samples to advertise classes or fabric selections.

 Look at that pieced border!!!!

 Nice cozy sitting room. Love the quilts on the wall.

They have a huge selection of batiks - probably the most I have ever seen in a shop. Love them. I was looking for a gray batik for the backing of a king sized quilt. They had their batiks on sale for 25% off the day I went in. Thank goodness because I needed 10 yards of it. Helped keep the cost down.

I also got their Row by Row kit and license plate. It is of the Auburn bridge over the river. I haven't made it yet but will soon. Good design on it.

Love you Whistle Stop. I wish you were closer.

Keep on Quilting

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