Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Calculate backing and binding website

Do you hate math? You betcha!

Here is a website that will figure the amount of backing material needed for any size quilt, and then tell you how to put it together to work. Yeah. I love it!

It will also tell you how much binding fabric you will need for that size quilt.

Just go to to let them figure it out. FREE!

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wildflower Rhapsody BOM another one sent in

Well autumn is here and quilting is in the air. We received another block for September. This is Betty W's block. Good job, Betty.

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

More Wildflower Rhapsody BOM blocks turned in for September's incentive

Here are two more blocks of Wildflower Rhapsody BOM from September.

Above block is Teri Beeman's block.

And this is Renea A's block.

Keep sending them in. I am sure all of you who are participating in Beehive Quilt's Wildflower Rhapsody what a chance at receiving this incentive. The package contains 1/8 yard of fabric cut in fat style. Each of the fabrics used in these main blocks are represented here.

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Wildflower Rhapsody BOM blocks turned in so far for September's incentive

Here are two beautiful September 2011 blocks turned in to be eligible for the incentive prize for September.

This is Gloria D's beautiful block.

And this is Sue Ds' block.

These ladies are eligible for the September Wildflower Rhapsody BOM incentive drawing. It is a packet of all the fabric used in the main blocks. Each cut if a fat eighth. If they do not need the fabric as time goes on, they can defintely use it to make a coordinating pillow or small table topper to go with the quilt.

If you are involved with this BOM through, send us a picture of your block before the end of September 30th and you will be eligible, too.

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LQS Closing in Martinez CA

Local quilt store closing. I hate to see announcements like this go out. Before long it will be either the internet stores or Joann's, Beverly's or the like that we will have to shop at. I shop at Beverly's on a regular basis, but I love to go to local quilt stores. They know your name, they have intimate classes, they do the research to know what their customers want. We need to support them through difficult times. 

Final Day September 28, 2011

To all of my customers I want to say thank you so very much for 6-1/2 great fun years. To those of you who survived our Labor Day Monday sale, my hat is off to you and if you would like, we have buttons available
here at the store that say "I survived Susie's sale 9/5/11". Come on by and pick one up.

Our final day that we will be open is Wednesday, September 28th 9:30-5:30.

We need the next two days to clean up and clear out of here.

There is still a good amount of fabric available, books and patterns.

Everything is 50% off, and Paul says he has NO ROOM in his GARAGE, so I would like for everything to go.

I will miss you all and will send an email out as soon as I get the long arm set up at the house and start quilting and whatevery else God has in store for me. Again, thank you all for the pleasure of serving you and getting to know you. I also so appreciate all of you that let me see your finished projects.

That has been such a joy.


Bless you all, and again Thank you,


Main Street Quilts

533 Main Strret

To Susie, I do not know more than what you have written above, but I know you will find that now you will have time to work on the projects you have not been able to tackle while you had the store. I wish you well.


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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Needle Nellies Quilt Show in Georgetown CA This Weekend

Quilt show in Georgetown this weekend

September 17, 2011: Georgetown Outdoor Quilt Show

Elisa, Lorena and I went last year. It was lots of fun and beautiful quilts. Plan to make a day of it. It is out in the city park and the drive to get there is a nice one. Have fun.

Sponsored by the Needle Nellies of Georgetown. Event to be held at Georgetown Park, Harkness & South Streets, Georgetown, CA. Hours: Sat, 10-4pm

Want to go to the gold country for a nice drive today AND a quilt show? Go to Auburn. Then:

Take exit #119C/ELM AVE - go 0.2 mile

Turn Left on ELM AVE - go 0.1 mile

Turn Left on HIGH ST(CA-193)

Continue to follow CA-193
Turn Right on COLOMA RD(CA-49) - go 3.6 miles

Turn Left on CA-193 - go 12. miles

Arrive at the center of 95634 Georgetown

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Quilt of the Month for sale

Beehive Quilts will be placing a quilt for sale at a greatly reduced price on a regular basis. Yipee Yi Little Cowgirl quilt was listed today. It is a one of a kind quilt and once it is purchased, a new quilt be posted. Keep checking back to see what new quilt is listed.

Originally listed at $275.
Now only $75.
Machine quilted.

To see more on the current quilt, go to

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Elk Grove CA Quilt Show 2011

Yesterday, Elisa, Lorena and I, went to the Elk Grove Quilt Guild show. It was a great show to attend. Beautiful quilts. Terrific vendors. Such fun. Below are some of the quilts we saw there.

Like I said, Lorena went with us. She is just ready to turn 17 years old. Her mom took up quilting a few years ago when our shop was open. Where she loves fabric and quilting, she is not totally enthused with going to quilt shows. She loves to go with us, though, because we always go out to lunch afterwards. So as I tried to take pictures of some of the beautiful quilts, she was jumping in front of the camera just as I was ready to take the picture. I have many of them with her there, but I liked this one best.

When we had our shop open, Diane Steele did a Block of the Month of us. She designed it as she went along. We offered twelve blocks for free if you came in to pick up the block on the designated day. We also offered another block most months for an additional fee, for a total of 20 blocks. One of our customers, Karen Lewis, entered the following quilt made from that block of the month. I love her finished quilt.

And this is the write up she did for the quilt:

Thank you, Karen, for mentioning Beehive Quilts. Even though the store is no longer there, we still exist on the internet.

Of course there are always Halloween quilts, which are my favorites. Here are just two offered at the show:

I LOVE this pattern with the embroidery. Someday I am going to purchase the pattern and make this quilt myself.

I seldom take pictures of the vendors quilts on display, but this one I just love. I should have bought it. After all, we are BEEHIVE QUILTS.

Too cute!

Love going to quilt shows. I am so glad the "season" for quilt shows is starting back up. Can't wait for the next one.

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Friday, September 9, 2011

How to photograph your quilt

With quilt shows starting back up after a summer lull, pictures are occasionally requested to be submitted with application to the guild(s). Go to to see a good video presented by AQS on how to best photograph your quilts.

Use these ideas to get the best picture possible to post your quilt on e-Bay, etsy or any other place you might be trying to sell your quilts. Pictures, good pictures, help sell your quilts. People do not always read what you type, but they always look at the pictures. Do not forget to take a picture of the back of your quilt, too. Potential buyers will want to see the fabric used on the backing as well as the front.

We occasionally list quilts and other items on e-Bay and etsy. If you need assistance in this process, contact me at I can give you other hints.

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