Sunday, September 27, 2015

Marianne and Mary Fons presentation at Meissner's in Sacramento

Friday Venita and I had the opportunity to go listen to a quilt lecture given by Marianne Fons and her daughter, Mary Fons. This was given at the main Meissner Sewing Center in Sacramento. We had a great time and loved meeting both of them. They even set up a special place for us to take pictures with them when the lecture was over. So I did.

Mary Fons on left front. Marianne Fons right center. Of course I am standing behind them.

Marianne lives in Sommerset Iowa. She loves her downtown area and recently purchased the movie theater there and is restoring it.

The following picture was taken as we were all settling down and getting ready for the show to begin.

This is Mary Fons. She is a very animated presenter and found her quite fun. She and her mom were great together. Of course they have had a lot of opportunity to work together on the PBS Fons and Porter show.

 Both ladies were very personable. Below is Marianne Fons.

 Below is one of Mary's quilts. Venita bought the book this is patterned in. I really love the outside border.

This is really a beautiful quilt, too. I love they used just solid colors. I am finding I am moving to using solids more than flowers or other pattern. I really like how they make the design of the quilt stand out instead of the fabric itself.

Below is one of Mary's first quilts. Pinks with navy blue contrast. Very stunning. Very small blocks.

This one is Marianne's quilt. I love it because it gives the appearance of being a funky quilt. But each of the blocks is the same size. It is the contrast between the light and darks that make it seem the blocks are different in size. Simple quilt yet stunning.

Marianne is very active in Quilts of Valor. She made the quilt below. She often puts lettering into her quilt. This was a small quilt but very charming. To learn more about Quilts of Valor go to

Quilt below is a log cabin made by Mary Fons.

One quote I came away with that Marianne said is, " When you make a mistake in your quilt just state: 'It symbolizes something in my life.'" Love that. We all make mistakes in our quilts. Learn to live with them. Don't tell others that they are they and definitely don't point them out. Most times no one notices.

Loved the presentation. Thanks goes to Meissner's for giving us great quilters with great stories to tell and beautiful quilts to see. And one of these days I am going to win one of the sewing machine give aways!!!!

You can see more of the attendees at

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Quilting a BIG quilt

Oh my goodness this is a big quilt. It is the largest one I have quilted. I have made a couple this big, but Elisa always quilted them. This may take me a while to finish. It measures 94" x 98". I am using a popcorn stitch to quilt it with. It is a new-to-me pantograph with lots of back and forth motions. I think it will go fast once I get the hang of the pattern.

More later.

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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Look at those colors!

I don't normally do bright, bright colors in quilts, clothing, decor or anything else. I like it.

I bought several fat quarters from a shop in Fort Bragg California several years ago. It imports most of its products, including fabric, from Africa. The fat quarters were hand dyed and very stiff. Loved them but didn't know quite what to do with them and so they sat in my stash for a few years. I have one border yet to put on it before I can quilt it.

It is entered in the River City Quilt Guild show in November. If you are around the Sacramento area at that time, stop in and see it in person.

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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Long Arm Quilting - I am doing it!

I have mentioned before that I have a long arm machine sitting in my dining room. It belongs to Elisa, my daughter. She works full time and goes to college, so it doesn't get used much. I have done some work on it - mostly freehand. Elisa does such good work using pantographs that I have always let her do them. I have several tops done and finally figured if I want them quilted, I best learn how to do it myself. I mentioned before that I had a scrappy quilt that I call Green. I finished the top last year and it has just been sitting waiting for a quilter to come along and quilt it. I even had the backing prepared. So last week I quilted it. I am currently working on the binding as I watch TV in the evening.

Above was taken on the day I was actually quilting it. I think you can see why I named it Green.

Today I worked on a quilt that our church is donating to a local charity. They were going to tie quilt it Tuesday. I said let me take it and quilt it on the long arm. It is prettier, lasts longer and gives me practice on the long arm. Here is it upclose. I used used a pantograph called Sunny Day. It has a shining sun, a butterfly and a leaf running through it.

It is a cheerful Little Mermaid quilt with a sunny, cheerful quilt design on it.

I am now a long arm quilter! In fact I am offering out my services to anyone willing to take a chance on my new found abilities and I will do it at a reduced rate from more established long arm quilters.

Check out the tab above for details.

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