Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Organizing my fabric stash - WHEW!

Yes, I decided I needed to get a little more organized in my sewing studio. I always said I knew where things were even though it was super cluttered. Well I found as I started this project yesterday that I don't know where things are and what I really have here.

Two weeks ago I took a class from Peggy Martin. I decided I wanted to work in batiks. Since I swore I didn't have any batiks, I went out and purchase four fat quarters and a yard for background. I liked the class so much, I decided I needed to make the quilt bigger than I had planned. So I went back out and bought four more fat quarters of batik and more background. Yesterday as I was cleaning out my fat quarter stash, I found eleven (11) batik fat quarters mixed in with all the other fabric. So I bought eight (8) when I didn't need to. Darn. I don't mind buying fabric that I really want or think I need. But to have fabric that I could use and really wanted when I bought it makes me angry. But now I know how much batik fabric I have and where it is located.

Oh by the way, as I have been going through my containers of fabric, I have found more batik. I don't have anything that could have been used as the background fabric, so that wasn't a mistake in buying. I am finding I have a lot of fabric stash! More than I even thought. The nice thing about it, I am finding fabric that I don't think I will ever use. River City Quilt Guild, my guild, is having their quilt show in November. Some of this could go to them for the basket drawings. A lot of it will go into Country Store. Hopefully, if I price it right, I will get a few dollars off of all this. I like that.

So back to cleaning, straightening, discarding. Not as much fun as sewing, but a needed task just the same.

Keep on Quilting!