Tuesday, August 30, 2016

New Halloween Quilt

I love to make Halloween quilts. In my stash, I have more Halloween fabric than any other theme! I just love the blacks, oranges and other colors that are associated with Halloween.

I make at least one Halloween quilt every year. I often give the older ones away after I make the new one. Here is my most recent Halloween quilt:

My dog, Mochi, loves to photo bomb my quilt pictures. She is almost always in the picture frame somewhere.

Like I said, I have more Halloween fabric than any other. So when I need to have a backing for this quilt, I went to my Halloween bin. Nothing big enough to cover the entire backing but lots of good sized pieces. I put them all together into this unique backing. The black was overwhelming, so I made some pumpkins to go on it. I also found an owl that I had made for something else and never used, so I adhered it to this backing. I actually like the backing as much as the front of the quilt. I wish I had some way to display both sides.  I may have to have it hung from the high rafters in my entry way. That might work.

I named the quilt Come to My House for Halloween, as you can see on the above label. I really like this quilt. I am not crazy about the quilting. I used a spiderweb pantograph. The quilt is so busy it is hard to see that is the design. Though I did show it to a friend and her 18 year old daughter. The daughter stated she really liked the spiderweb design, so I guess it shows up better than I thought. I am glad she said that.

So last night I was going through magazines that I keep with patterns I MAY work on some time in the future. I found three more Halloween/Fall quilts I want to make. Geez, I think this is an addiction!

Keep on Quilting