Friday, August 27, 2010

Facebook Page for Beehive Quilts

Okay I am just learning all that FaceBook is about, but I have started a FaceBook page for Beehive Quilts. I hope you will all join me on that page and share ideas about quilt, what your projects are, pictures of your projects, frustrations and joys of quilting and anything else you so want to post. Just go to my FaceBook Badge on the lower right hand side of the blog site and click. If you are not a member of FaceBook, join. It is fun and you will find a lot of your friends and relatives are already there. If you are a member, become Beehive Quilts friend and join in.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Binding Calculator

Binding Calculator

Based on 44” x 45” width of fabric

Based on 2 ½” cut binding strip width

Before I opened my shop and finally learned how much yardage to purchase, I was always afraid I would run short on the binding fabric. So I just bought extra. I would go home knowing I had too much and then cut fewer strips than was needed. That was frustrating, as I would have to then cut another strip and piece it to the binding already sewed to the quilt. Ever done that yourself?

Then I found the following information and started using it and advised others buying binding fabric how much to purchase. Easy.

Length + Width       Strips Required     Yardage Required

24” to 34”                      2                     ¼ yard

36” to 50”                      3                     ¼ yard

52” to 66”                      4                      ½ yard

68” to 84”                      5                      ½ yard

86” to 100”                    6                      ½ yard

102” to 118”                  7                      ½ yard

120” to 134”                  8                      ¾ yard

136” to 152”                 9                       ¾ yard

154” to 168”               10                       ¾ yard

170” to 186”               11                       1 yard

188” to 200”               12                       1 yard

Thank you to Victoriana Quilt Designs

I hope this easy helpful fact helps you when purchasing and cutting your binding strips.

Happy Quilting