Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Fabric

New fabrics are here. We have three new panels. One is filled with colorful pheasants that are stunning. One has old steam engines on it. The third is Americana birdhouses. We purchased other fabric to help coordinate it all. They are gorgeous. We also have some new Christmas and fall fabric. Come in to see them all. And more is on the way.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Short-arm sewing machine.

We have purchased a short arm Juki sewing machine on a long bed! Elisa is quickly learning the ins and outs of it. She is currently working on a Halloween quilt top that I finished last year and never quilted it. It is looking great!

Someday we will do charity quilts to get more practice--that is after I go through the tops I have made. Then if we feel good about our work, we will take in quilting consignments.

This is an exciting addition to our shop.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Quilt run

My daughter and I had the opportunity to go on the Northern California Quilt Run this past Thursday. It was fun. There were 9 stores involved running from Marysville to Redding. Because we only had limited time (and spent too much time in each store), we did not make it to the three stores in Redding. I wish we could have, but we can make a trip up there another time. Then we will go to the shop in Shasta City. I have heard great things about that shop.

I must tell you, as a shop owner, I looked more at pricing, kitting, customer service and just general marketing in each of the shops. I truly enjoyed Marysville shop. They did a good job on all of the aspects I look at AND they had "stuff" I could not live without, too. Good job, ladies.

I loved the shops in Paradise. Chico also has two great shops. The Rabbit Hole had panels everywhere. I love panels, as they make quick and easy quilts. I spent way more money than I had anticipated spending there. It was a fun shop to go through--tight at times, but fun.

After Chico we made our way to Willows. It was a cute shop. Small but easy to get to off the freeway. They carried a lot of cowboy-type fabric. That is not they type of fabric I normally look for but if I ever want to make my brother in Texas a quilt, I would definitely go back there.

The best part of the shop hop was if you purchased one of the hop's bags, you got 10% off of everything you purchased that day in any of the shops, which really helped. Plus with this bag, I will get 10% off all purchases through until the next quilt run in one year. Wow. I just have to remember to take the bag with me if I travel back up that way. Worst part of that, though, no one told me that in any of the stores. We had been to three stores before someone outside the store asked me where my bag was. This should be broadcast to all their customers with at least a sign where the bags are sitting.

We did have a good time, and I learned many new ways of displaying product and how important it is to greet each and every customer.