Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Help! I need help! I am a HOARDER

Yes I admit it I am a hoarder. I have a few items that I have around me that you might find curious. First is food storage. I have a case of salt, four cases of hard wheat, sugar that will last forever and more. But that is a good thing. In a pinch I will have enough food to last at least two months. I just do not have any water saved, so I better be near an unpolluted river or lake when the need arises.

I am also a hoarder with books. I have so many books that if I started today and read constantly I probably would never finish them. Plus the funny thing is I don't read books any more. I have a Kindle and find books are cumbersome. I just hate to get rid of the real books.

Worse than all that is my hoarding of Halloween quilt fabric. I am currently re-doing my sewing studio. I have put together three different boxes of Halloween fabric. I just had to added another one! I am now in my closet, which has been just crammed with fabric, batting (which I was really happy to find), panels and kits that I forgot I have. What have I been finding most in this closet? Halloween fabric!


I either need to sit down and start a Halloween sewing fest or give some of this fabric to a Halloween fabric deprived friend.

The funniest part of it all. I have more finished Halloween quilts that any other design.

Keep on Quilting