Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Sugar Pine Quilt Store's Row by Row 2015

Sugar Pine Quilt Store in Grass Valley California is a darling quilt shop. It is in an old home and every space in that "home" is used to sell quilting supplies.

Never fear those stairs, they have a ramp for those of us that look at stairs and say "Whoa, those are steep!" It does, from time to time, snow in Grass Valley. I always worry about things that should not matter to me. When would I ever go to Grass Valley to shop for quilt fabric in snowy conditions? Never.

These are just some of the rooms that are filled with fabric, books, patterns and notions.

If you think samples in quilt store don't matter, think again. I saw this quilt hanging and had to walk up close to take a look. The pattern was hanging on the wall next to it. Of course I HAD to purchase it. Not like I don't have a few other projects I want to accomplish. I bought it because of the upper left owl - the one having a bad feather day. Just too cute.

Having driving in from Yuba City, I needed to use the restroom. I love quilt store restrooms. Every one tries to make it cuter than the next. My all time favorite is Quilter's Corner in Sacramento. I think I have a picture somewhere of it. I will look for it. Later. Anyway I had to take some pictures of this one, too.

The obligatory quilt was hanging in there. I love earth tone quilts, so it grabbed my attention right away. Plus rabbits - too cute.

Then there were two announcements of up coming events that I wanted to remember. Easier than finding a pen and paper and writing the info down. I took pictures.

 Gotta see if my dear husband wants to go to Arizona in October. Better than July or August, for sure.

Elk Grove's guild is having their quilt show. I have only been to it once, but I won a big raffle basket from there. Plus I saw a few friends down there. Must get on calendar and go this year. Venita? Wanna go with me?

I had a great time on this trip we took seeing all these quilt stores last Saturday. Thanks, Gil.

Oh, I did remember to buy their Row by Row kit and license plate.

Keep on Quilting

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