Friday, March 1, 2013

e-Bay Selling

If you have been following this blog for a while, you know it used to be a website where we sold fabric and patterns. I still have a ton of fabric that I need to sell off. I am doing it on e-Bay. If you are interested in seeing what we have and maybe even purchase, go to and do a search for my fabrics at probles22. I am selling my fabric for $3 a yard. It is all high quality cotton fabric.

Check it out.

Here are samples of what I have listed:

Check it out. Try this link
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Owl quilt

I have been wanting to make an owl quilt for some time. I signed up to do an owl block exchange through Then I had to find an owl pattern I really liked.

In a block exchange, you make, in this case, six blocks that are the same. You can use different fabrics, but the design has to be the same. You make six to send to the exchange. If you want your own block in your finished quilt, you have to make an extra for you. Now I'm up to making seven. Since my daughter likes owls, I made an extra for her. That's eight.

I find this wonderful block that is so cute and quite large. Oh another rule for the block exchange is that the blocks have to be able to be divided by three and have to be bigger than 3" and no bigger than 15" finished. So I find the materials I like and think will make a cute owl, get out my fusible web, draw the owl onto the fusible and start cutting and ironing. I spend the evening watching TV and cutting out my shapes.

Next day I prepare the back ground and iron the shapes onto the backing. I am loving how it starts coming together. By the time I had ironed all eight owls down, I was thinking I cannot give these away.

So now I have eight blocks that I want to keep. What should I do with them? Eight is either not enough or too many. They are 15 1/2" square, so six would make a nice throw quilt, but what would I do with the other two involved blocks? I look at my material and I have enough to make one more. Whew. Now I have nine blocks. Perfect. Three up. Three down.

Decision made. The owls are mine. Sorry block exchange. Here is the block. I will post the quilt when it is finished.

I found the pattern on line. It is called Snuggly Owl by Ashley Johnston and was put out through Sewing Republic. Love it.

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