Monday, February 10, 2014

Ricky Tims' Seminar - What an experience!

From Thursday afternoon to Saturday evening, my friend Venita and I and over 300 other people were led through a variety of quilting techniques, home-spun stories, best sewing machine feet instructions, hand quilting dos and don'ts, "you can do this" ideas, music and so much more. Lots of "Chantells." You have to go see Ricky to find out what a Chantell is. We were even given a recipe for a five star restaurant appetizer. These were three days of fun, laughter and even a few tears that I'm so glad I participated in.

 Thursday afternoon. 300 plus participants. We were off to the side, but because of our location and the big screen, we saw everything that went on. On Friday and Saturday, we stayed on the side but more up front. I honestly don't think there was a bad seat anywhere the way they set up the stage and seating.

This is a self portrait of Ricky. Pretty good likeness of him.

 Also presenting was Pam Holland from Australia. I could listen to her speak all day. Loved her accent. This is just one of many of her quilts on display. See more at her website at

Alex Anderson was the other presenter. The above is one of her quilts. She is more of a traditionalist quilter, as am I. I bought two of her patterns. Both look pretty involved. Hopefully someday I will work on them. See more of her work at

Ricky had patterns, CDs of his music and DVDs of his quilt work, his hand dyed fabric (which I bought tons of) and many notions for sale. His website is

Wonderful weekend. Exhausted and glad to be home.

Keep on Quilting

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