Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day everyone

I made this heart wreath for 2014 Valentine's Day. Turned out pretty good, I would say.

Easy to make. I bought a heart shaped wire at Hobby Lobby. Came home and got out all my reds, pinks and and a couple of yellows. Cut the fabric into 1 inch by 10 inch lengths. Then I tied them onto the wire frame. I tied it fairly thickly so it would look full. I then spent 20 minutes pulling loose threads from it all. Some threads make it look shabby chic. Too many threads made it look incomplete.

I then took a ribbon and tied it to the top of the frame so I could hang it on the wall. I was going to hang it on my door, but I was concerned the amount of water in the air would make it sag. So I kept it inside. That way I get to look at it every day anyway.

After it hung on the wall for a couple of days, I decided it needed something more. I went back to Hobby Lobby (oh oh) and purchased the bling that is hanging in the center. I think it added something to it.

A friend contacted me after I posted the picture on Facebook and asked how I did it. She wants to make one with her granddaughter. Easy to do. If you can tie a knot, you can make this wreath. Hope she has fun doing it.

Keep on Quilting and have a great Valentine's Day

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