Tuesday, September 24, 2013

United States Quilt

Last year my sister, Kris, asked me to make a United States quilt for her daughter, Lyndsay, who is living in England with her husband and son. Coincidentally I had seen a pattern on-line just the week before. I went back and found that quilt. It happened to be a pattern on Etsy, so I bought it.

I made this quilt for Lyndsay. I'm sorry to say I didn't make two. It is always easier to make two at once than make a second one after you have finished the first. At least for me it is because I never go back and do a second quilt.

I love how it turned out.

Yeah. I think I will have to try this one again. It was fun to do. The best part of making it was choosing the fabrics that would represent the state. I graduated from high school in Wyoming, so it got black with gold stars. California is made from a batik, of course, with palm trees on it. Texas has cowboy boots, spurs and ropes and all things Texan. New Mexico has chili peppers. New York is made from bagel fabric because I love New York bagels! Washington state has pine trees. The only thing I would change is I did Michigan in blue, which makes it look like it is the lakes while the lakes are just part of the background. Oh well.

Keep on Quilting

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