Friday, September 27, 2013

Row Quilt

Two years ago I joined some quilters in a row quilt challenge in our guild. When I had our quilt store, some quilters participated in one that I just kind of looked at over their shoulders. I was sorry I had not been part of that group. Their finished quilts were beautiful. Each one so different. So when the chance to join one in the River City Quilt Guild came up, I jumped at it.

I love to applique, so my starting row was an applique row with bees and flowers. You can see my row in the picture below. It is the center one. Each person then was to provide a row that went along with my stated theme. I did tell them they did not have to do applique, as some expressed concern in doing an applique row. In fact I didn't want all applique. I wanted piecing to offset the applique.

Well you can see I got my wish. I love what each of the ladies came up with. I was so excited to put it all together and love how it came out.

One lady did a row of honey jars. She was so nervous about doing applique, but they turned out very cute. Some button bees were added to sit on or near the jars and then I put the bear trying to get into the jars.
The above picture is a close up of one of my flowers and bees on my row. I put a yoyo in the center of each flower.

If you have a chance to participate in a row quilt with a group, take that chance. You just don't know what you will come up with.

Keep on Quilting

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