Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Black Apron Quilt

Yes, I made a black apron quilt. No, the aprons are not black. But the background tends to overtake this

I wanted to make a quilt that would show off this adorable apron fabric. The fabric has a black background with beautiful, bright aprons. I had a yellow that was the same as the yellow in the aprons, so I used it for the corners of the snowballs.When you first look at this quilt, it is the yellow corners you see first. But as you look at it the aprons start coming out.

Plus adding a large yellow apron applique in the lower right corner helped bring it all together, too.

The border fabric was from the same line as the aprons and had the same colors going through it. It is a fabric that had kitchen utensils in it. It is a very busy border, so I didn't want to use too much in this already busy quilt. I like how it kind of broke up the snowball pattern and brings your eye to the large apron.

It will look great on a kitchen wall. Only problem for me is my house has glass on every wall except where the oven and stove sit. So where to show it off?

Keep on Quilting!

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