Saturday, September 24, 2011

LQS Closing in Martinez CA

Local quilt store closing. I hate to see announcements like this go out. Before long it will be either the internet stores or Joann's, Beverly's or the like that we will have to shop at. I shop at Beverly's on a regular basis, but I love to go to local quilt stores. They know your name, they have intimate classes, they do the research to know what their customers want. We need to support them through difficult times. 

Final Day September 28, 2011

To all of my customers I want to say thank you so very much for 6-1/2 great fun years. To those of you who survived our Labor Day Monday sale, my hat is off to you and if you would like, we have buttons available
here at the store that say "I survived Susie's sale 9/5/11". Come on by and pick one up.

Our final day that we will be open is Wednesday, September 28th 9:30-5:30.

We need the next two days to clean up and clear out of here.

There is still a good amount of fabric available, books and patterns.

Everything is 50% off, and Paul says he has NO ROOM in his GARAGE, so I would like for everything to go.

I will miss you all and will send an email out as soon as I get the long arm set up at the house and start quilting and whatevery else God has in store for me. Again, thank you all for the pleasure of serving you and getting to know you. I also so appreciate all of you that let me see your finished projects.

That has been such a joy.


Bless you all, and again Thank you,


Main Street Quilts

533 Main Strret

To Susie, I do not know more than what you have written above, but I know you will find that now you will have time to work on the projects you have not been able to tackle while you had the store. I wish you well.


Keep on Quilting!


  1. Your passion shoes in this heartfelt message. As Quilters we all morn the loss of a local shop. I may be across the country and have had little chance of crossing your threshold, but one never knows where life will take us so the loss of a shop represents a missed potential to stop and visit if one day passed thru. Best of luck on your new adventures and continue to live out the quilter's motto, "When life goes to pieces, MAKE A QUILT!"

  2. I love your ending phrase.

    When my shop closed, that is exactly what I did. In owning a shop, all you do is eat, drink and sleep the shop. The only sewing I really did for the years I had mine open was working on samples. I was heartbroken when it closed. But now I sleep through the night without waking up and going through classes or potential classes or worrying about bills or orders of new fabric, etc. Now I sleep, I sew and I do pretty much what I want to do when I want to do it.

    There is life after owning a quilt shop. It is the community that suffers most.


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