Friday, September 9, 2011

How to photograph your quilt

With quilt shows starting back up after a summer lull, pictures are occasionally requested to be submitted with application to the guild(s). Go to to see a good video presented by AQS on how to best photograph your quilts.

Use these ideas to get the best picture possible to post your quilt on e-Bay, etsy or any other place you might be trying to sell your quilts. Pictures, good pictures, help sell your quilts. People do not always read what you type, but they always look at the pictures. Do not forget to take a picture of the back of your quilt, too. Potential buyers will want to see the fabric used on the backing as well as the front.

We occasionally list quilts and other items on e-Bay and etsy. If you need assistance in this process, contact me at I can give you other hints.

Keep on Quilting!

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