Sunday, September 11, 2011

Elk Grove CA Quilt Show 2011

Yesterday, Elisa, Lorena and I, went to the Elk Grove Quilt Guild show. It was a great show to attend. Beautiful quilts. Terrific vendors. Such fun. Below are some of the quilts we saw there.

Like I said, Lorena went with us. She is just ready to turn 17 years old. Her mom took up quilting a few years ago when our shop was open. Where she loves fabric and quilting, she is not totally enthused with going to quilt shows. She loves to go with us, though, because we always go out to lunch afterwards. So as I tried to take pictures of some of the beautiful quilts, she was jumping in front of the camera just as I was ready to take the picture. I have many of them with her there, but I liked this one best.

When we had our shop open, Diane Steele did a Block of the Month of us. She designed it as she went along. We offered twelve blocks for free if you came in to pick up the block on the designated day. We also offered another block most months for an additional fee, for a total of 20 blocks. One of our customers, Karen Lewis, entered the following quilt made from that block of the month. I love her finished quilt.

And this is the write up she did for the quilt:

Thank you, Karen, for mentioning Beehive Quilts. Even though the store is no longer there, we still exist on the internet.

Of course there are always Halloween quilts, which are my favorites. Here are just two offered at the show:

I LOVE this pattern with the embroidery. Someday I am going to purchase the pattern and make this quilt myself.

I seldom take pictures of the vendors quilts on display, but this one I just love. I should have bought it. After all, we are BEEHIVE QUILTS.

Too cute!

Love going to quilt shows. I am so glad the "season" for quilt shows is starting back up. Can't wait for the next one.

Keep on Quilting

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