Monday, April 4, 2011

Loomis Quilt and Fiber Show

This past weekend was the Loomis CA quilt and fiber show. Of course I was there to see the beautiful quilts. It was a good show, full of beautiful quilts and clothing. See pictures below:

Above is the featured artist at this show. Her name is Geraldine Nall. She is the "Queen of Miniatures." And a queen she is. I could not believe the beautiful but tiny quilts she had made. Some are featured below. The quilt behind her in the above pictures is her's, too.

This quilt is about 24" x w24" at the most. Each piece of fabric is very tiny little pieces of black and white fabrics. UNBELIEVEABLE

I wish I would have measured this. It is probably 12"to 18" tall. Darling little scarecrows.

Do not think this is a larger quilt block. It is less than 3" square. Can you believe the patience it must have taken Geraldine to sew this together?

It is really hard to fathom how small the piecing is in this finished quilt. Those rosettes are normal size, if that helps any.

Same with this heart quilt. The rosette is normal sized.

This is a normal sized quilt. I just love it.
Now for some of the other quilts that I saw there:

I am making this quilt in reds and pinks. Now I am excited to get it finished. It was supposed to be my Valentine's Day quilt, but I am still stitching the blocks together.

The guild had a challenge to make a patriotic quilt. This one was stunning. All of the challenge quilts will be donated to active service men. What an honor.
I took a lot of other pictures to show here. But I took them by turning my camera to fit the whole quilt in. Even though I have editing software, when I load them here they turn on their side again. So you only get to see the few above. I apologize because there were some stunning quilts I wanted to show you, including my standard Halloween pictures.

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