Friday, April 15, 2011

BOM April Block Winner

We have received a lot of information back about this first block. What we have heard so far is that you love the fabric. It is beautiful. This block was a fairly easy block.

If you remember from our letter, we held a challenge to see who would finish this block first. The winner for this is Renea Aldrich. Here is what she said when she sent the picture:

"My package arrived late yesterday afternoon. I was hoping for another PNW rainy day and of course it happened. I have spent the day sewing. I love the fabrics. The chocolates and pinks are stunning."

Below is the picture of her block. She will receive four fat quarters. They will be mailed to her with her May block.

We also received a photo to share from Gloria Daniels. Below is what she said and a picture of her block:
"Here is my photo of finished Block 1. I'm sure you've received a bunch by now, but just wanted to join in the fun. Thanks again for running this BOM. This quilt is gorgeous and though my piecing and quilting aren't perfect, I thoroughly enjoy the process and results."

They are lovely.

I would love to post any other pictures and quotes you might have about these blocks. Feel free to e-mail them to me at Or post a comment below.


  1. Oh goodie!! I will have to learn to wait patiently for my prize! That will be difficult. Should I start pacing now or.....

    Gloria, I too have a few "oops's" in my block. If I remember right I lost a point somewhere. Don't fret.

    I am glad you agree that the fabrics are wonderful for this BOM.

  2. I am finally back to post my excitement. The blue
    FQ's you sent are so perfect. Thank you so much for making a wonderful choice and thoughtful gift.

    I needed several blues to make a few table matts for a gift. I do not collect blues for some reason which made these so perfect!

    It's a rainy day in the PNW so off to the sewing room I go.


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