Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tracy Brookshier at Rivercity Quilt Guild

Third Tuesday of every month is Sacramento's River City Quilt Guild general meeting. I am a member and love to go. This is a big quilt guild. I do not know the exact number of members, but I know it is over 200. Great guild and they will be having a great quilt show in November. Go to to learn more.

Anyway last night they had as their guest speaker Tracy Brookshier. She is a wonderful quilt designer and a great speaker. She was invited to have one of her quilts shown at a quilt show in Japan. She brought back slides of some of the wonderful quilts shown there and some of the sites of where she was. I tried to find a website that showed the festival after the fact. All I found was the original before website

Then she showed just a smidgen of her quilts that she has made. They are really fantastic. She was teaching a class today, but I failed to sign up for it. She will be teaching her Japanese Jigsaw pattern. It looks complicated. She said it is not. I have heard others say it really is not. You do have to purchase a special template to make it, though.

If you want to learn more about Tracy, to go: I was quite impressed to see she was the creator of the Bento Box pattern. That class was taught at our store when it was open. Everyone who took the class loved it. Many have made several of the pattern. Good job, Tracy. Loved your presentation, too.

Keep on quilting.

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