Monday, June 20, 2011

Wildflower Rhapsody's BOM Pictures - More

Two more of you wonderful Wildflower Rhapsody quilt makers have submitted pictures of their finished blocks. They are now entered into the drawing to possibly win some fabric. Check out the previous blog post under Block of the Month tag to see the fabric being offered.

Good job:

Sue D's June block.

Renea A's June block
I must admit that I have not done my June block yet. I have been working on a Civil War era BOM that Elisa and I are taking through Beverly's Fabrics in Fair Oaks CA. I was not sure I wanted to make this quilt, but I think it is going to turn out to be beautiful. We are half way through with six blocks done.

We are using A Path to the Civil War, aurelia's Journey Quilt by Sarah Maxwell and Dolores Smith. I love this book as it has history along with the patterns. It even has paper templates in the back, though I am not using them. I just use the easy cutting directions in each block pattern. If you are interested in this book, you can find it on our website at

The following are the six blocks I have completed. I cannot wait to see what comes next. Since there are 44 different blocks to choose from, it is always exciting to get the new packet of material and the notice of which block we will be doing. So far they have all be fairly easy. Even the flying geese block.

Keep on Quilting!

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