Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Yay! Free fat quarters from Clothworks for Elisa

My partner in business (and my daughter), Elisa, always says she never wins anything. When we go to quilt shows, we both purchase lots of tickets for their drawings. Neither one of us have ever won an opportunity quilt - yet. But I often win one of the door prizes.

She won a great collection of fat quarters today. Clothworks posts collections occasionally on their blog and ask for feedback on them. She wrote in that she loved all of them and mentioned which one she loved the most. They chose her from a total of only 14 entries to win. When this new line comes out, she will receive her fat quarters - all just for saying she loves their fabric.

It made me a believer. I am going to go to their blog to see their new fabrics every month, too.

Congratulations, Elisa.

If you want to see the lines that were shown, go to http://www.clothworkstextiles.com/blog/?p=2629. She stated her favorite was Country Gardens. That is the line of fat quarters she will get.

Makes it easier for her to Keep on Quilting!

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  1. congratulations! If you are interested in winning buttons, take a look at our blog as we host regular give aways (there might be one starting tomorrow!)


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