Saturday, January 15, 2011

Modesto Quilt Show

Today Elisa and I went to the Heart of the Valley Quilts and Textile Show hosted by the Country Crossroads Quilters in Modesto.  It is going on tomorrow, Sunday January 16th also. For more information go to:

It was a great show in a great location. We saw a lot of beautiful quilts, of which I took just a few pictures shown below. It made me want to come home and start sewing. I have so many quilt projects I want to finish and quilt ideas that I want to do. Going to quilt shows helps me get re-energized.

I also bought the cutest quilt kit and, I must say, it was very well priced (which I love the most). It is a darling valentine quilt. Its center point is a very cute panel. The color is not pink, which is a surprise for a valentine quilt. It is more of a peach color.

Now I have already started a pink and red quilt that is quite large and might not get done by this year's February 14th. The kit will allow me to have a new quilt for Valentine's Day.

I bought it from the booth from Manteca called Ladybug's Quilts. Elisa also purchased a panel from them. We were so impressed by their booth that we decided to stop by their store on the way home. Really a nice store. Terrific bright colored fabrics that I fell in love with. I did not buy any, but I wanted to. I did purchase the same panel Elisa bought. It is two teddy bears. One with a hoola hoop and the other on an old fashioned scooter. She is going to make a quilt. I have a UFO made out of teddy bear fabric that needed something to jazz it up. I am going to cut the bear with the scooter and applique it onto my quilt. I think it will add a lot to my UFO, which hopefully will be a finished quilt before too long.

Ladybug's Quilts also had a great selection of Civil War prints and flannels. Elisa and I are doing a Civil War BOM through Beverly's Fabrics in Fair Oaks. Depending on their finishing package, choices, we may have to travel back to Manteca to get something beautiful from their shop. Who knows. Plus those flannels are some of the prettiest I have seen. Good selection. If you are down that way, take the time to stop by and take a look at their choices. Easy on and off the freeway (highway 99). More information go to

Now for the pictures of the quilt show:

One block of a large Hawaiian quilt.

Sunbonnet Sue Calendar quilt

Stuning Christmas Applique Quilt

This was also a textile show. I loved this dress. I would love
to know why it was designed as it was, but the work that was done on it was fantastic.

Loved this smaller wall hanging. It is like a girls doll house. Very cute.
The pictures have real pictures in them. The steps outside the front door
 have flowers on them. The bunk beds on the top floor have quilts on them.
 Really unique and very beautiful.

Center block of a Sunbonnet Sue quilt. These three are at a quilt show
looking at a quilt with very small pieces sewn together.

Featured artist Joyce Compton did this skyscape. The quilting was
unbelievable in this smaller quilt. With it looking hazy,
it made it look like the city across the bay. Love it. This all came from a picture.

And for those that know me, Halloween quilts always get my attention.
 Loved this one, too.

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