Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Projects other than quilting

 When the virus first hit and we were ordered to stay home as much as possible, I was so excited as I would be able to do all kinds of quilting projects and not feel guilty that I wasn't out doing other things. So I did. I sewed and sewed and sewed and completed many projects. I got many old projects that I had started years ago and then put away for one reason or another and have either completed it or are close to being completed. After a few weeks, though, I found I was getting bored with all that and started looking for other things to do.

I read. I have been reading about a book a week, which for me is pretty fast. I have taken up a huge counted cross stitch project. It is probably way bigger than I should have taken on. I doubt I will live long enough to complete it. Oh well, that's okay, too. I have cleaned my pantry out and other cupboards and closets. We have taken clothes and unused kitchen "stuff" to Goodwill and now have more to take. I have actually washed windows. I also have been listing "stuff" on e-Bay. I have sold 7 quilts. I definitely didn't get even close to what I put into them, but I sold them which gave me money to buy more quilting supplies. Yay! I have also put several books and patterns on e-Bay. Most of them have sold. Some only went for $1, but a dollar is a dollar.

I found a free, yes free, pattern on for a dog pillow. I made two. So cute. 

Before I made the two pillows above, I woke up one morning thinking about the fabric the witches, shown below. I knew I wanted to something with them. I have had the fabric for a few years and just didn't know what to do because I didn't want to cut them up to place in a quilt. I decided to make pillows of them. I have two away to family members and kept one for me to display. Each one was cute and I could't decide which one I wanted, so I gave first choice to the people I was giving one to. I love witches and these are so cute!

I hope all of you are finding projects to stay busy with. Stay happy, but more importantly, stay sane!

Keep on Quilting

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