Monday, November 9, 2015

Busy, busy, busy

I have been so busy that my blog has gone by the wayside for a while. Our quilt guild, the River City Quilt Guild in Sacramento, is getting ready for their annual show. I have submitted some quilts that I had to finish or sew hanging sleeves on the back of. I still have three more sleeves to sew. I also participate in our Country Store at the show. I have been going through my stash and deciding what fabric and patterns I am willing to part with. Some of the fabric I have had since I closed my shop down five years ago. I think it is time to say goodbye. If I were going to use it, I would have. So I have been pricing all that and now need to tag it all. The show is next week afterall! Yipes. I have to get busy. I will post pictures when I am done.

Oh and to those of you who follow Beehive Quilts on Facebook, I cannot get into it. Facebook as determined I am a business and cannot have a stand alone Facebook account. They said I had to link it to my personal account. I tried to do that and it doesn't work. So if you are trying to contact me through that Facebook page, I am not seeing it as I am locked out of it. I am trying to work with Facebook about this, but they are hard to work with as they want me to just do what they say and don't have contact info anywhere on their site. I will keep trying.

You can always contact me here or at my e-mail at

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