Thursday, July 23, 2015

My purchases at Jenny Doan's seminar

Okay. I know Meissners puts these seminars on to sell product and I totally buy into that premise. Literally! I buy into it!

I needed a light yellow and some pink fabric for a Bonnie Hunter quilt I am working on. The pink was 60% off and since I will be cutting it up into 5 inch squares, it will work perfectly. The yellow is great because I didn't want a bright yellow. It will be the setting triangles to be used in a pink and orange quilt. The green fabric was in their markdown bin for 50% off on two yards. Can't have too much green fabric - or any color for that matter.

 Jenny was selling her Block magazine back issues. Since each book has her patterns in it and interesting stories about them, I bought them all. Cheaper than buying her individual patterns and more interesting, too. I like them so much I came home and subscribed to get them upon publication. She signed the one. Thanks, Jenny.

One thing Jenny is known for is making quilting easier. To do that she often develops her own templates. I already have her large tumbler block template and have made a beautiful quilt for my granddaughter, Faith. I decided I needed her regular size and her mini tumbler template, too. I can see a cool looking border using the mini tumbler.

She had on display her orange peel quilt. I had to buy that template so I could make that quilt. It is the football looking one.

She showed a super easy hexi quilt by using the half hexigraph template. So I bought her large and small one of those. Must make an easy Grandma's Flower Garden quilt or at least a table runner.

Then she displayed the cutest pink quilt where she used her small triangle to make. I have to make that, too.

Hmmm. I have sooo many projects I want to do. But now I have the tools to do some of them if I ever get around to it.

Jenny also teaches using pre-cut fabrics. I am a sucker for charm packs. I bought three very charming ones. I see a darling baby quilt coming from these.

Lovely. Now I just have to use them all.

Keep on Quilting

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