Saturday, April 27, 2013

30s Reproduction Quilt

I have a ton (almost) of 1930 reproduction fabric fat quarters. They have been staring me in the face for some time. I knew I wanted to do a quilt with them. I just had not come up with the pattern to do with them.

Wednesday afternoons are often taken up sewing on some project at my neighbor's, Joyce, house. This past week I grabbed a bunch of my 30s fat quarters, my rotary cutter and a pair of scissors and headed up to her house with no real plan on what to do with all of them. I figured I would cut them into strips and then decide what and how.

I chose to cut them into 3" strips, as many of them have cute patterns that I wanted to be able to see in the final quilt. As I was cutting, I thought I will do a Chinese Coin quilt with white in between the coins. [See to see how to make this pattern.] Since my strips sewn together would allow me cut them into 6.5" columns, that is what I did.

At first I did not like what I had put together. That was before I cut them into the smaller columns. I thought oh well, keep going and see what they look like. So I cut them up and laid them out on the cutting mat separated like they would be with the white fabric between them. They looked better then.

Between then and now I have 216 3" x 6.5" blocks sewn together.

Next was sitting down and figuring out what size I wanted to make and how many I would need total. We are moving from the full King size bed to a Queen when we move into our travel trailer, so I thought I would do a Queen size quilt. Then I needed to know what size a Queen really is. I found a great website that has all that in a form that you can download to keep. You can find it at Thank you to Flying Geese Quilt Guild for putting that together and making it accessible to everyone through their website. I will put your guild on my list of places to visit when we start traveling. Hopefully I can say thank you in person when we get over that way.

My plan is to put by 3 x 6 blocks all around the outside, plus nine columns of the 3 x 6 blocks in the center. Then 3 inch strips between each of the columns and the borders using a coordinating white. Since I have no white that will work with the 30s reproduction fabric, I will have to go shopping this next week. Oh shucks. How I'll hate to do that. Not really.

This quilt is going together really fast. I hope it looks as good as I think it will. I will post a picture when I have one to post.

Keep on Quilting

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  1. Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt.


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