Saturday, October 13, 2012

Boise Idaho Quilt Show 2012

I was in Boise for my mother's 90th birthday party a couple of weekends ago. Lo and behold, there was a quilt show going on. Well I could not miss that. I gathered one sister, Mom, two nieces and my sister's friend up and we went to see what there was there. I loved the show. They had great vendors with better-than-California pricing. Best of all, they had beautiful quilts. One of the prettiest was my sister's friend's quilt. It was more than pretty, it was fantastic. It easily could have taken best of show. It did take third place. I would have loved to see the judge's notes to see why it did not rate second or even first place.

As always I take lots of pictures at the guild shows. Here are the samplings I took. Good job, quilters.

 This is the Best in Show quilt. It is beautiful, as are the two ladies in front of it. They are my nieces, Melanie and Tabatha. A Baltimore Album quilt usually is hard to beat.

 This quilt and several of the ones following are quilts by the featured artist, Jackie Fuller. She had a huge area filled with her quilts. I was amazed at how many she had, let alone the quality of them all.

 I am a great fan of 1930s reproduction fabrics. This is simply beautiful. I should have taken a close up picture to help highlight the fabrics and workmanship.

 This is another of Jackie Fuller's quilts. I was totally amazed at the patience it must have taken to complete this quilt. It is not a big quilt. Each of the blocks are made of very, very small strips sewn together. I appreciate the work that goes into a quilt like this, but I doubt I would ever take it on. Maybe a mug rug some day, but not a whole quilt.

 Black, white and red quilts always get my attention, as do quilts with hearts on them. Both in the same quilt. Like it.

 I love "home" quilts. This is just a very warm fall quilt. Love it.

 Reminded me of California State Poppies. Colors on this quilt were beautiful.

 I have a son that is an engineer. I have been looking for a pattern that he might like. I think this is it.

 This is not a large quilt. I really like it for its non-conformity. The squares are wonky, as are the sides of the quilt. It was intriguing.

 This quilt was remarkable (I mentioned it in my lead-in.) The amount of work that went into this quilt is astounding. The quilter stated she wanted all the blues to match, which sometimes they did not. She fixed it by fabric painting them so they did. The next picture is a close-up of this quilt.

 I am a Border Collie owner and fan. It might be hard to make out, but there is a picture of, I am assuming, the quilter's Border Collie. Love the quilt, but love the dog more.

 This is another of those quilts that have very tiny rows of fabric. I would say they measure 1/4 of an inch. Unbelievable. I love the "motion" of the water, too. Very nice.

 I just really liked this quilt. I love Flying Geese, and I especially like them in the round like this quilt has. Good job.

 Embroidery is my passion. I love this quilt for its different sized blocks and mostly for its embroidery. Close up of some of the embroidery is below.

 Sunbonnet Sue is also a favorite of mine. Maybe someday I will actually make one. I started one back in the 1970s but never finished and wound up giving it away. Darn. Now I have time to have finished it.

 Christmas. Too cute.

I always include a Halloween quilt. I have stated often it is my favorite. There was only this one that I saw. I do love this particular pattern and how it mirror effects the pumpkins. Very nice.

Loved the show and was very thankful to have the time to go see it.

Keep on Quilting

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