Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Brownsville Quilt Guild Show

Last Friday Gil, Elisa and I loaded up our Expedition. Gil and I headed up to Brownsville CA. Brownsville is a quaint little community in Northern California. It has a bakery on one of the main corners of the community that I was told is the best place around. The only problem was it was closed by the time we got there and is closed every Saturday and Sunday, which were the days we were there. One day we will take a drive and go have breakfast at the bakery in Brownsville.

Saturday and Sunday was spent as a vendor at the quilt show. What fun it was. And a lot of people came through. I loved it. Who knew such a small community could hold such a successful quilt show? If you are around Northern California in 2011, be sure to come to the Brownsville quilt show on November 5-6, 2011. You will love it. Plus we will be there as a vendor.

I like to take pictures of some of the quilts at the different shows I go to. Here are some from Brownsville:
I love unique quilts. Cute quilt. This was one of my favorites at the show. Of course it helped that it was right above my booth and I looked at it several times a day. The colors were gentle. The design was cute. It was well put together. Just darling.

The Cobbler Guy and his wife were there with the most beautiful and yummy individual cobblers, along with cookies and breads. The absolute best was the Elvis bread. You have find him to find out what the Elvis bread is. We bought a loaf and I wanted to eat the whole loaf myself - but I didn't. They always are at this quilt show, plus they are at Grass Valley and Nevada City events. Search them out.

Lovely antique crazy quilt. This was made out of velvet. It was roped off so we could not touch it. Darn!

Quilts designed like this are hard to take pictures of, as the design tends to run together. This was a striking quilt. Beautiful colors and very nicely done.

I have always loved the puffed blocks. They were popular many years ago. They are back. Makes you want to take this quilt down and wrap yourself up in it.

Beautiful applique quilt.

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