Friday, April 16, 2010

Renegade Shop Run 2010

Yesterday Elisa and I went to a few of the shops on the Renegade Shop Run. Well actually it was only two. We spent too much time at one and had to move on to other scheduled activities.

First we went to Bear Paws and Hollyhocks on El Camino in Sacramento. Darling shop. If you have not been there, you must go. Lindy has it all displayed nicely and has a huge selection of most any quilting cotton you would want. She also has a section that has fabrics at 40% off. I was able to purchase three yards for backing material at a great price.

Then we went to JR Flamingos, also in Sacramento. It is actually quite close to Bear Paws and Hollyhocks, so if you go to one make plans to go to the other. It is very small, but it has a HUGE selection of Asian fabrics. They have a lot of other beautiful fabrics, too. Best of all they have fabric art supplies galore. I do not know how to use most of the supplies. They have a teacher that will schedule a class that teach you the techniques of all of the supplies. That way you can see if you like to do the technique without having to buy all the supplies first. You have to call and get on a waiting list. When she has enough students, then she holds the class. I am going to check into that class. I may not ever use any of the techniques, but I may fall in love with them. I just want to have the chance to see the advantage of each one.

Then we were headed to Quilter's Corner. You have to take Bradshaw off of Highway 50. Well they had the exit blocked off for construction. By the time we got to the next exit to turn around and circle back, we figured we would be late for a dental appointment. So we drove on into Citrus Heights to have lunch.

We had a great lunch at a new hamburger place called Smash Burgers. Oh my goodness, was that a wonderful lunch! We had their classic cheeseburger and Smash fries. Try them both. The fries are sprinkled with Rosemary and olive oil. Yummy! I would go back today for that same dish. They have a lot of other choices on the menu, too. The only thing I saw wrong with the place is it is too small. It was filled and many people had to eat outside at their tables along Sunrise, and it was not a warm day. Gotta go there. Check out It is located at Sunrise Blvd & Pebble Beach 5500 Sunrise Blvd. in Citrus Heights.

After lunch and after granddaughter's orthodontist appointment, we drove to Tayo's. That shop is not on the Renegade Run. It is on the other quilt run that goes the same time as the Renegade. I love that shop. It is one of those old fashioned quilt stores that has lots of wonderful fabrics. She even carries silk. Lots of buttons, lots of patterns and has a really friendly staff. When you go to have a Smash Burger, to to Tayo's, too. It is in old town Fair Oaks. They even have chickens outside on the side walk. Too quaint.

After we saw Tayo's we were finished. It had been fun, and we were sorry we did not make it to other shops. But we both have enough fabric to last us a looooong time, so we really did not need to be purchasing more fabric. So into the car we went, happy and tired. Then the car would not start. That was about 2:25 p.m. By the time we got AAA out there, it was after 5 p.m. So we sat out front of Tayo's on one of their benches and watched the roosters wander back and forth across the street. It was not too bad. I enjoyed it anyway.

Got home finally but I missed the first hour of Yolo County's quilting guild. I went anyway and was there to see the last part of Nancy Candello's trunk show. She is a premier quilter and teacher. She taught at Beehive Quilts store when it was opened. I love Nancy and her work.

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