Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Sister's Quilt Show in Oregon - 2 quilts entered

I decided it might be fun to enter a quilt or two into Sister's Quilt Show in Oregon this year. This morning I got confirmation that the two I decided to enter were accepted. Anyone can enter their quilts, so I did not think I would be declined entry. It will just be fun to say, "This quilt was displayed at the Sister's Quilt Show." Woo woo!

Here are the two I entered. The Castle one is a quilt I am really proud of. I do a lot of applique quilts, but this was probably the most complicated. I took a class from Barbara Olson last spring through my quilt guild here in Sacramento. She taught us how to make it and got us started. After I finished the initial block, I was not sure what kind of border to put on it. I decided to put the paper pieced border you see on it. I think it added a nice touch to the quilt. Right now the quilt is hanging over a staircase in our house.

The other quilt I call African Batik. I purchased the star fabric at an African store in Fort Bragg California several years ago. I could not decided how to use it. Finally last year I put it together in this quilt. I quite like the colors and am surprised I actually purchased that bright yellow fabric for the background. I usually like more subdued colors. But there it is!

This one is currently on my wall in my living room. Lorena will have to get that down for me, so I can get it sent off to Sisters Oregon.

I don't know if I am going to Sister's this year. Maybe now that I have to go since I two quilts entered in it.

Above is my Castle quilt on the quilting frame while it was being quilted.

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