Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Le Chef quilt

My oldest son is quite the chef. He can make anything taste good - even brussels sprouts. I made this quilt for him probably two years ago but never quilted it. Yesterday I decided I needed to work on unfinished quilt tops. This was the smallest and probably the oldest finished quilt top. I even had the batting and backing already prepared and sitting with it. I just had to decide what color thread to quilt it with. I chose gray. I still need to bind it. I had extra of the border fabric at one point, but it got pulled into another quilt. So I need to find something else that will blend well with the quilt and get that done. I really like it. It is very small. It is only 18" x 24" - a nice wall hanging for his kitchen.

I got the pattern from our guild's "free" table one evening. It is from Mount Redoubt Designs called Le Chef. It has several other applique patterns in the book I may try. I am glad I made this one. It turned out great.

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