Saturday, May 21, 2016

Quilts at Paducah [version 1]

I have been back from Paducah for weeks now and I still have not gone through all my photographs! I am going to post them as I edit them since I took close to 600 photos my week in Paducah and traveling around Tennessee and Kentucky.

One of the cautions about taking photos at the quilt show was that if we posted them on the internet, we should give credit to the creator of each quilt. I will do that to the best of my ability here. Know also I did not take a picture of every quilt there. There were so many of them.

My first day at the quilt show I went directly into the main exhibit hall to see the quilts. As that day and the next went on, I found there were two more exhibit halls in that building and another building a little ways away that had even more. Oh my goodness.

The first quilt I saw in the main exhibit hall is the horse quilt above. I know I am going to use the same descriptive words over and over as I tell about the quilts I saw. This quilt was amazing! Even as I look at the pictures I am amazed it is a quilt. It was made by Laurie Britt from Bakersfield CA. To take all these pictures, I used our Nikon camera. I was so impressed by this quilt and the next one, I wanted to share them immediately. I also took pictures of them with my phone so I could text them to different people right way. My daughter is a horse person. I sent this to her. She immediately texted me back asking me to bring it home to her. "Yeah sure." Someone might notice me taking a quilt down and walking out with it, especially since it is the first display you see as you walk in. She is a quilter, too, so I told her to just make one of her own. Her answer back to me was the same I had given her, "Yeah, sure!"

The quilt above was made by Hiroko Miyama and Masanobu Miyama from Chofu Tokyo Japan. The title is Duck Face. It is a lovely quilt. The child looks angelic. The dog looks somewhat like my son's dog, Dexter. It was hanging in the same display as the horse quilt. These two quilts started my jaw dropping excursion through the quilts.

Above is Crossing Over done by Lea McComas of Superior Colorado. To see this quilt up close is to see some remarkable thread play. The rider's hair looks like it was truly braided.

How beautiful this quilt is. Click on this or any of the pictures to see them up close. Look at the quilting on this quilt by Karlyn Bue Lohrenz of Billings Montana.

These are just four of the hundred or so quilts I took pictures of. More to come.

Keep on Quilting

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