Friday, September 2, 2016

Great Grandsons' Quilts

I have a new great grandson. His name is Gannon. I made him a quilt in less than a day. It was super easy, as I purchased a darling panel, added a couple of borders, quilted it, bound it and was done. Ta da. So cute.

I named it Octopus and More.

And the backing. Such beautiful paisley sharks and dolphins.

And my homemade label. I love making my own labels. I find free clip art that goes with the name of the quilt and insert it into a Word document. Then I type the information I want on the label, such as the name of the quilt, my name, if someone else quilted their name, the town it was made in and the year it was made. I have also begun including a short story, if applicable, about the quilt or the quilt's origin. I have also taken to signing the label with a sharpe pen after I print it out. I print the label out on Printed Treasures inkjet printable fabric labels. They work marvelously. Just follow the directions on the packaging.

Gannon has a brother that I also made a quilt for. His name is Parker. Here is his quilt:

This quilt I started over a year ago. It is is just strips of blues that I had and I sewed them together in one long continuous strip and then sewed them together. I then had some fish that I had cut with an Accuquilt cutter. I had prefused the material before cutting the fish out. I fused those down and then hand blanket stitched them down using gold embroidery thread. I really like how it turned out.

Even more I found the cutest backing. It has frogs swimming. Just too cute. A one year old, which Parker is, will love this backing probably more than the front of the quilt.

And again I made his quilt a label. Love it, too.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

New Halloween Quilt

I love to make Halloween quilts. In my stash, I have more Halloween fabric than any other theme! I just love the blacks, oranges and other colors that are associated with Halloween.

I make at least one Halloween quilt every year. I often give the older ones away after I make the new one. Here is my most recent Halloween quilt:

My dog, Mochi, loves to photo bomb my quilt pictures. She is almost always in the picture frame somewhere.

Like I said, I have more Halloween fabric than any other. So when I need to have a backing for this quilt, I went to my Halloween bin. Nothing big enough to cover the entire backing but lots of good sized pieces. I put them all together into this unique backing. The black was overwhelming, so I made some pumpkins to go on it. I also found an owl that I had made for something else and never used, so I adhered it to this backing. I actually like the backing as much as the front of the quilt. I wish I had some way to display both sides.  I may have to have it hung from the high rafters in my entry way. That might work.

I named the quilt Come to My House for Halloween, as you can see on the above label. I really like this quilt. I am not crazy about the quilting. I used a spiderweb pantograph. The quilt is so busy it is hard to see that is the design. Though I did show it to a friend and her 18 year old daughter. The daughter stated she really liked the spiderweb design, so I guess it shows up better than I thought. I am glad she said that.

So last night I was going through magazines that I keep with patterns I MAY work on some time in the future. I found three more Halloween/Fall quilts I want to make. Geez, I think this is an addiction!

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Saturday, July 30, 2016

My quilts.

The last two days I have been going through some of my pictures looking at quilts I have made. I have listed several of them on the tab at the top of my blog that is labeled My Quilts. I will keep posting them there, so check back from time to time. There is no order how they are listed and not all of them are there yet.

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Friday, July 29, 2016

Amy Bradley's Camper Quilt blocks

My friend, Venita, and I are working on completing Amy Bradley's Camper Quilt. We fell in love with the pattern at first sight and decided to do our own personal Block of the Month, only we do it whenever we decided to get together and work on each block. The pattern has eight regular blocks and two extra blocks. We have done five of the regular blocks. This is my most recent one done:

Below is the front of the pattern. As you can see, Amy used a theme to her blocks so that they all looked alike. I was not sure how I was going with mine until I had completed two of them. I decided to make each one a little different depending upon the background fabric I chose.

The first one I did had a flamingo in it. I love this particular one. Because of the flamingo, I chose a background of palm trees and flamingos and then put my own flamingo by the camper.

The fourth one I did is below. I chose bicycles as my background fabric. On an outing after making this block, I found a fat quarter at a fabric shop that had bicycles in it. Bought it, brought it home and fussy cut a bike out and appliqued it next to the camper. Cute, I think.

For some reason, I did not take the other two camper blocks alone. I did take a picture to show Venita what the four I had done looked together. That was a concern for me since they are each so independent from the others.

The top two are the others I have not already shown here. I like them both. One is a forest setting background; the other has umbrellas, which the pattern had, too.

Each of the blocks will have fabric from the camper of that block sashing it. Then I have purchased (but have not received yet) fabric that has mountains, forests, rivers trucks, cars and campers throughout. I ordered it on line and should be receiving it soon. That fabric will be the sashing and border around all the blocks.

I am also making the block shown on the cover (see the picture of the pattern cover) of a family camping. There is also another block of an older couple camping. I will do that one, too. Plus I am going to make a block of a campground near a lake or river that has only tents. I have to design that one myself.

I am so excited to complete this quilt. Venita is getting ready to go off on her vacation, so I guess I will work on the block that I have to design while she is gone.

I will post progress as I go along.

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Thursday, July 28, 2016

My quilts came back from Sisters

As stated in my previous post, I sent up some quilts to be displayed at the Oregon Sisters Quilt Show this year. It is the first year I have entered. I entered because I thought we were going to go up there. My quilts did and I didn't. Boo hoo. I would have loved to see my own quilts hung there, though.

I wound up sending up three more than I originally stated I was sending. After enrolling those two, I received an e-mail saying I could enter up to 10 quilts to sell in the show, too. I chose three more than I wouldn't mind selling and entered those, too. I sold two of them. I put decent pricing on them - meaning a lot less than it took to make them. But they sold. I got the check last week and it make me happy.

The best part is on the quilts I sent up, they sent them back with the information card that was attached to each quilt and a yellow ribbon with the show's name and year the quilt was entered. My plan is to sew the ribbons to be back of each quilt to carry that into their history.

I was so impressed with how easy it was to enter and receive back, that I plan on entering again next year. Maybe I will actually make it up there to see my quilts.

For more information on the Sisters Quilt show go to

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Sister's Quilt Show in Oregon - 2 quilts entered

I decided it might be fun to enter a quilt or two into Sister's Quilt Show in Oregon this year. This morning I got confirmation that the two I decided to enter were accepted. Anyone can enter their quilts, so I did not think I would be declined entry. It will just be fun to say, "This quilt was displayed at the Sister's Quilt Show." Woo woo!

Here are the two I entered. The Castle one is a quilt I am really proud of. I do a lot of applique quilts, but this was probably the most complicated. I took a class from Barbara Olson last spring through my quilt guild here in Sacramento. She taught us how to make it and got us started. After I finished the initial block, I was not sure what kind of border to put on it. I decided to put the paper pieced border you see on it. I think it added a nice touch to the quilt. Right now the quilt is hanging over a staircase in our house.

The other quilt I call African Batik. I purchased the star fabric at an African store in Fort Bragg California several years ago. I could not decided how to use it. Finally last year I put it together in this quilt. I quite like the colors and am surprised I actually purchased that bright yellow fabric for the background. I usually like more subdued colors. But there it is!

This one is currently on my wall in my living room. Lorena will have to get that down for me, so I can get it sent off to Sisters Oregon.

I don't know if I am going to Sister's this year. Maybe now that I have to go since I two quilts entered in it.

Above is my Castle quilt on the quilting frame while it was being quilted.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Le Chef quilt

My oldest son is quite the chef. He can make anything taste good - even brussels sprouts. I made this quilt for him probably two years ago but never quilted it. Yesterday I decided I needed to work on unfinished quilt tops. This was the smallest and probably the oldest finished quilt top. I even had the batting and backing already prepared and sitting with it. I just had to decide what color thread to quilt it with. I chose gray. I still need to bind it. I had extra of the border fabric at one point, but it got pulled into another quilt. So I need to find something else that will blend well with the quilt and get that done. I really like it. It is very small. It is only 18" x 24" - a nice wall hanging for his kitchen.

I got the pattern from our guild's "free" table one evening. It is from Mount Redoubt Designs called Le Chef. It has several other applique patterns in the book I may try. I am glad I made this one. It turned out great.

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