Monday, May 23, 2016

Quilts from Paducah, continued

More quilts to post:

 There were a lot of quilts submitted from people that reside in Japan. At first glance you would think this one was given the theme of the paneled quilt. It was made by Karen Turnbull from Laguna Niguel California. She named it Red Temples. I love how she hooked the three panels together with a pagoda style beam at the top.

The above quilt is named appropriately Skyline. Claudia Scheja from Werne North Rhine-Westphalia Germany made this beautiful quilt. Love the different skylines she incorporated in the border from different cities around the world.

Advance to Tomorrow by Miycko Watanabe from Kobe Japan is another city-scape. I love the city, ocean, mountains and sky. I would be interested to hear the quilter's explanation of the star eclipsing the town.

 Here is The Woman by Kyoko Ochiai from Ota Tokyo Japan. Reminds me of 1950/60's women styles you would see in advertising. I really like the design.

I was alone at the show. The thought I had when I saw this quilt and would have shared if there had been someone there to share my thoughts with would have been, "Here is a quilt design I would never make but would love to have in my home." I am not a blue person but I can overlook that with the colors that are throughout this quilt. It is called Supernova and made by the Annapolis Quilt Guild of Annapolis Maryland.

 Gladiolas (I think). I am not a flower person but I think that is what these are. Whatever they are I would love to have them growing in my garden. It is called In the Height of Summer and made by Hatsue Abe and 10 Friends from Setagaya Tokyo Japan.

Flamingos always make me smile. I love these multicolored flamingos. How sweet they are. It was made by Kazue Kamura and 10 Friends from Setagaya Tokyo Japan. It is entitled Family of Rainbow-Colored Flamingo.

Another beautiful garden-scape. Love the kitty and cat on the sill at the bottom of the quilt. This is called Japanese Summer and made by Sachico Kumano and 11 Friends from Setagaya Tokyo Japan.

Those of you who know me know that I love Halloween! I love Halloween quilts more than any other. The quilt above and the close up below is not one of my most favorite Halloween quilts, but it is a charming one. I love how the quilter added three dimensional items to the quilt, as you can see in the block below. Halloween Party was made by Noriko Nishikawa and 11 Friends from Setagaya Tokyo Japan.

Some quilts just do not photograph as nicely as they display in reality. The above quilt is one of those. This quilt is truly stunning. The colors work well together. Yet not so much in the photograph. It was made by Tomoko Takauchi and 15 Friends from Setagaya Tokyo Japan. They call it A Bouquet. Click to enlarge to see the quilting on it. It looks like each block was quilted in and of itself. Since it was a quilt made by multiple people, perhaps each quilter quilted their own block. It works nicely though.

International Sun Bonnet Sue. My daughter has this pattern. I have looked at it several times and thought I would like to make a version of it. There are so many Sun Bonnet Sue's in the pattern book, you have to choose which ones to make. Otherwise the quilt would cover three beds easily. As you can see the Sues are small but each one is so charming in and of itself. I love how the quilter included the nationality of the Sue and the maker of the block in the two blocks at the bottom middle of the quilt. This was an international Sun Bonnet Sue Swap quilt. What fun that must have been to receive the different blocks in the mail. This was put together by Vicki's Friends Pszczyna Poland.

The above two pictures represent a quilt called Vintage Blocks -- Tossed But Not Forgotten. As quilters we often have what I call orphan blocks. They are blocks that we made but they didn't work into the quilt that they were planned for or we made too many or it was too small or whatever the reason they just sit around by themselves. I love how this quilter put them together into a quilt. Best of all I love how they were quilted. Look at the top picture up close - click it to see even better. The quilter is Jane V Cole and Quilters from Waynesville North Carolina.

This has been fun going through these quilts. It has made me want to work on more of my quilts. I have so many unfinished quilts and quilt kits and patterns I have purchased, some with fabric and some without. I just need to get something out and work on it or at least finish one. Maybe I will go do that now.

I will post more Paducah quilts at another time. Thanks for looking.

Keep On Quilting

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