Sunday, August 9, 2015

Row by Row Excursion

Yesterday my husband said "let's go for a drive."
"Where?" is always my answer.
"Let's go to quilt stores out and away from Sacramento so you can buy some more Roy by Row kits."
Don't you just love him? How many husbands would be willing to drive all over and sit outside quilt stores while we are in shopping? Not many, I am sure. Yep, he is a keeper.
So off we went.

One of the places we went to was the Sew So Shop in Yuba City California. Yes, I know, it used to be in Marysville - just across the river from Yuba City. That is were we went first and it was not there! Oh no! Where did it go? Is it gone completely? So I searched it on my trusty i-Pad that I am beginning to carry with us whenever we leave the Sacramento area. We found it and off we went to find the new location.

I asked when I got there how long they have been in that space, as I was used to them being in the old downtown of Marysville. Four years. Oops. I guess I had not been up there for a while.

It is in a strip mall that has lots of parking (as opposed to the old location). It is also in a large floor space, which provides them with a huge classroom area that is bordered by windows on two sides. Lots of natural lighting for quilters' eyes.

There were two ladies in there learning how to program the long arm quilt machines that use the computer to do the quilting. One was setting up a quilt. The other was squaring a finished quilt up.

They must also sell sewing machines. They had big ones and little ones sitting around. Did not pay too much attention to them, as I am not in the market for a new machine.

They do carry a lot of fabric, especially batiks. I was good, though. I looked. I touched. But I did not buy.

Nice spacious shopping space.

While I was there, I signed up for their mailing list. Yuba City isn't that far to get in on a good deal or to take that special class. As I was signing up in the book they had available, I noticed the three names at the top of the page were people I knew. In fact one was an employee at Beehive Quilts when it was open. Cindy, I  miss you. I bet they were out doing the same thing Gil and I were doing - buying Row by Row kits.

Oh I did buy their Row by Row kits and license plate. I will post a picture when I complete the row.

It was a fun day.

Keep on Quilting

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