Wednesday, August 5, 2015

My first Row by Row done

I actually made this last week. I just got around to taking a photo of it.

This is from the kit my Secret Pal from River City Guild gave to me in July. It is from the Cornerstone Quilt shop in Fairfield California. I really love it. The background fabric has little ships in it then I appliqued the larger sail ship in front. It really gives dimension to the row. I have to tell you I got it all finished and hung it on my design wall to be able to step back and see what it looked like from afar. Whoops one of the white/sand blocks was backwards. I had to take it out and put it back in. Hard to do when you have everything where it should be. I thought of leaving it because up close you couldn't even notice it. But from far away - there it was staring at me.

I have three more kits now to do. Must consider putting them on my project schedule to work on. Will post them when I get them completed.

Keep on Quilting

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