Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Pantographs, Long Arm Quilting, and Me

In my dining area sits a very big long arm machine that belongs to my daughter. Since she works outside the home, it is not used very often. She gives me full use of it, but I like her doing my quilts more. I can free motion on the long arm, but I like the looks of a pantograph quilted quilt more. Today I got out Green. Green is a quilt I made using scraps from my green stash. That's its name. Green.

Green has been pieced for close to a year now. I thought since it is a scrap quilt, it can have scrap quilting. So I pinned it to the leaders this morning and figured I would work on it here and again. Well I have it almost done and it is not too bad. I did goof up the first half of the first row because I had it on a basting stitch. The top looks good, but the underneath is a mess. I will have to go back and redo that  part.

I used a pantograph of a ginko leaf. I really like it and it is a little more forgiving than some of Elisa's pantographs.

Maybe I finally have the drift of doing this. I have tried numerous times. I have watched Elisa when she is doing it. She has given me instruction on it more than once. I guess I just needed to keep trying. The first row took me forever. I went soooo slow. Now I am going a little faster. I should easily have this done before dinner if I keep working on it. [And someone else fixes dinner.]

Who said old dogs can't learn new tricks?

Oh no Row by Row row today. Been working on this instead. Maybe tomorrow.

Keep on Quilting

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