Thursday, June 9, 2011

Frixion Pens for Marking Fabric

Have you heard or used one of these pens?

I have and they are my preference to mark my cotton fabrics. They are wonderful because all you do is mark your fabric, sew, iron and the marks are gone. Totally gone. You will not even see a trace of the pen! [See comments posted below. There are some fabrics that do not like these pens. Always test your fabric before using the pens.]

How do I get one, you ask. We sell them on our website now. Just got them in this morning. They are only $4.50 each and come in blue, black or red. You are going to want, no need, one of these and maybe one for your best quilting bud, too.

Go to and scroll down to find them.

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  1. Luckily we have them here in South Africa as well- at the stationary shops. Unfortunately they have become very expensive. I have tested it on fabrics before I used it and the mark did not go out on a hand dyed fabric that had a bit of poliester in it.

  2. Marie, Thank you for your post. I have not used it on hand dyed or polyester material. I guess we should stick with 100% cotton to use it on.

  3. I love these pens and they do work on most fabrics. Of course always pretest. They do leave a little bleach out mark on hand-dyes and batiks but not on all of them. I just marked a whole baby quilt with no problems.

  4. Left bleached out lines on green and purple Kona. Very noticeable.

  5. I am glad to hear responses regarding these pens. I have had no problem with them at all. I am finding that they are not always the best pens ever - see responses above. It seems Kona cottons do not like them much either. At least not the darker ones. I have used them on lighter Kona cottons and have not had a problem. I guess it is always best to test on each fabric.

  6. I just remembered someone telling me that if your fabric gets below freezing the pen marks might show up again. Since I live in balmy (most of the time) California, I have not experienced that. Alaska, Canada and all the other freezing states, this could show up on yours.


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