Thursday, September 9, 2010

Binding Calculator

Do you have problems figuring how much materials to buy/cut for your binding? Have I got a site for you. Go to Type in width, length of quilt and how wide your finished binding is and press calculate. Lo and behold there is the amount of material you need. I always cut too much fabric, because I have cut too little for so long that I love this site to help me cut just the right amount.

That said, I must say I just found the site. But I compared it against a chart I have that Victoriana Quilt Designs has, and it seems to be close to the same except for one size. This link said for 102"x 90 says to purchase 3/4 yard. The hard copy chart I have said 1/2 yard. If I would have purchased that amount only and got home with not enough, I would have been sad. But the others seem to be pretty accurate.

Have fun quilting.

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