Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Owl Quilt

A couple of years ago I purchased the cutest patterns at a quilt show. They were each an owl applique quilt pattern. They are done by Tony Whitney Design. You can see all her patterns at http://www.toniwhitney.com/designs.html. These are the ones I purchased:

Whoo's The Cutest?
 13 3/4" x 14 3/4"

Midnight Glide
13 1/2" x 21 1/2"

As I started thinking about Christmas, I was trying to think of something my daughter would like. She is a quilter, so she appreciates the work that goes into doing a small appliqued quilt. She also loves owls. Perfect. I will do one of these. If I have time, I will do both. Well one it was. I did the top one.

She loved it!

So did I. Plus it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. When I was in the process of choosing all the fabric to go in it, I thought I would never do the other one. But after doing the one, perhaps (but don't tell her) maybe she will get the second on next year. We'll see.

Here is my finished quilt:

I name it "OWL"

Keep on Quilting

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