Saturday, January 11, 2014

Lil Twister Quilt

I see the Twister quilts and their corresponding cutting ruler everywhere. I love how they turn out. I was given a 20 piece charm pack several years ago and wondered what I was going to do with it. I had no coordinating fabric. I didn't have enough to make into a good sized quilt of any kind. Hmmm. Maybe I will try the Lil Twister tool my daughter bought.

I looked into my stash and found a pink fabric that would go well with it and cut it into 20 5 inch squares, so I had a total of 40 squares.alternating pink and the charm pack, I sewed them all together.Then added a border of 5 inches all around.

Next I took the ruler and started cutting the quilt up.

Wow! you have to cut a lot of fabric off your quilt and just throw away. It is nothing you can keep and do something else with. But you wind up with some cool looking squares. I had watched a Missouri Quilt Company video on how to cut these up, so I knew to keep them organized. Thank goodness for that info. I had a hard enough time putting it back together by just cutting one row at a time and sewing them together. Had I cut the whole quilt up, I would still be working on it. The link to the tutorial is at Worth your time to watch.

When all was said and done, I really like what turned out. It will make a cute table topper or wall hanging come spring.

It is worth trying at least once. I think if I was going to do another one, I would do the bigger size or use more fabric.

Here is my finished project:

Keep on Quilting!

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