Saturday, September 21, 2013

Georgetown California Quilt Show 2013

I have not been out to very many quilt shows this year. I am very content to stay at home and do my own. There are a few that I have to attend. I love the Needle Nellies Quilt Guild quilt show. Georgetown is not far as the crow flies. Now as the road goes it is probably about 60 miles. Still not far for a quality show, but the road there is not freeway. In fact there are a lot of twists and turns.

Gil and I left this morning around 10. As we drove east, up into the hills, we saw dark ominous clouds. The closer we got to Placerville, the darker they got. In fact there was moisture on the ground. Yep. It had been raining. No big deal, you say. Well not if you are not headed to an OUTDOOR quilt show!

We pulled into Georgetown and went to the park it is normally in. We didn't see signs. We didn't see quilts. Oh oh. It was either cancelled or they moved it somewhere. Now Georgetown is quite small, so we drove back down the main street. Sure enough there was a quilt hanging out on a corner of the main intersection with an arrow pointing on down the road. We found it!

The building it was in was a nice building but very small for a quilt show. The ladies, and I'm sure several husbands, did a great job in getting them up, giving the vendors room and finding space for the luncheon area.

I, as usual, have pictures to share. I just have to tell you they are all close up pictures, as the aisles between the quilts was just wide enough for one person to walk through. So some are taken at an angle. A few are taken just up close, as I was unable to get far enough back to take in the whole quilt. One, that I didn't take, was a whole cloth white quilt. Beautiful. It was quilted on a machine with some spectacular quilting. I didn't take a picture because it was a white quilt with white thread. Plus there was a bunch of admirers standing in front of it.

Here are the pictures:
There were several quilts using this same pattern. Each one a little different. This quilt was taken because I could step back and get it all in the picture. They were all beautiful.

I had to include this one, for sure. After all I am Beehive Quilts. Too cute.

Again several of this pattern was done. I loved how each looked so different. Each one had adorable embellishments.

Again the Quilt Diva. One of several. Real earrings. Love it.

I love Halloween. I love witches. This is a cool wall hanging. Very nice.

This is a beautiful quilt. Take a note how the black shines back at you a little. It is faux leather. The flowers are wool. The background is cotton. I really like how the quilter used the different kind of fabrics to get the effect. It is really stunning.

The guild or a group must have had a challenge to do barns. There were several. Each one was beautiful. My husband even loved them. He said we should take some of the pictures we have taken of barns and you can make them into a quilt. Good idea, actually.

Each barn is just a wall hanging. Each is a work of art though. The quilting in each one really gives you a feeling of land and wind, boards and grass. Good job, ladies.

If I were to choose one over the other, which is hard, I would have to choose this one. It is hard to tell in this picture, but the mountains behind the barn are covered in pine trees that seem as real as in a picture. The lightening in the darkened sky is very realistic. Best of all is the quilt design on the front of the decaying barn. Love it.

This is just a portion of a larger quilt. I took this picture to show off the blue flowers. They are squares of fabric that have been folded and sewn onto the quilt in 3-D fashion. Very beautiful. Something I may do someday. Really nice effect.

I have this pattern. I have had it for at least two years. It is in my to-do box, but that is as far as it has gone. I love how she did the embroidery and then colored every so lightly inside to give the crows, hat and other items dimension. Yes, I will be doing that on mine when I get around to doing it. Thanks for the idea.

Love the inner border on this quilt. Too cute all over, for that manner. The flowers are 3-D, also. Good job.

I enlarged this picture more than the others, so you could maybe get an idea of the workmanship in this quilt. This quilt was completely done on black fabric with thread. It is stunningly beautiful. I did not vote, but if I had it would be for this very small wall hanging. The back is just as beautiful as the front.

This is large quilt, but you are only seeing a very small section of it. It is all purples and pinks for all you purple fanatics. Gorgeous quilt.

This table runner was on a table as you entered into the quilt room. Very cute. Love scarecrows.

Owls! If you could all see my personal Pinterest posts, you would see owls, owls and more owls. I would love to own this quilt. Very adorable.

 Needle Nellies, it was worth the trip to into the hills. I look forward to next year's display. Hopefully the weather is more cooperative for you.

Georgetown itself is a charming town to go to. It has a couple of shops that we went into, which were fun. Good luck on your celebration for founder's day tomorrow. I hope the weather is sunny and dry for you.

Keep on Quilting

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