Monday, September 16, 2013

A quilt for our bed

This was an act of love. I had LOTS of 1930 fat quarters that I had picked up here and there knowing that some day I would make a large 1930s quilt. Here it is.

I cut the 1930s fabric into 3 inch strips and sewed them together. Then I cut these strips into 6 inch widths. After getting the strips the lengths I wanted, I then cut 6 inch wide lengths of white fabric and sewed that next to the pieced '30s fabric strips. I bordered the quilt with the strips of 1930s with mitered corners, which turned out quite nicely. It is 96" x 107".

 Elisa quilted the quilt on her long arm.

It took me several weeks to break down and put it on our bed. We have a black and white border collie who likes to sleep on our bed. I was quite concerned about what she would do with it. I finally decided to put it on, but only folded at the foot at the bed. After a couple of weeks, I finally put it on the bed completely. How beautiful it looked. Then within two weeks after deciding it was a quilt to be used, my dog had an accident on it. She likes to run in the park area on our property until she is exhausted. Sometimes after doing that, she falls so sound asleep that she forgets to get up to to potty. So my new quilt had to be washed, which didn't hurt it at bit.

 Love it. I am so proud of it and of Elisa's quilting of it.

[See to see how to make this pattern.] 

Keep on Quilting!

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