Saturday, October 27, 2012

Witches feet pillow done by a missionary

We have a fine young man serving in our ward as a missionary. This young man is from a large family of sisters in Utah. He learned growing up to be appreciative of crafts and sewing. Since I am always working on something when he comes to our home, he has been so kind as to be supportive of my work. In my Halloween Block Exchange quilt that is posted on this blog, he saw a block that he really loved and asked if he could make one like it to send to his mom. "Of course. I would be happy to show you how," was my response.

That block happened to be a block my beautiful daughter exchanged with me, so I knew I had access to the pattern. I asked her if she could, if she would be willing to draw it out or at least loan me the pattern. She took one of her busy evenings after work to draw the pattern out onto Steam-a-Seam Lite and ironed it onto the same fabric she used for my block which would allow this young man to have a block the same as what he saw in the quilt.

He came over yesterday, and I showed him how to iron it onto the backing he chose. Today I sewed the edges down and made it into a pillow. He will mail it off to his mom on Monday. Hopefully she will receive it as a surprise Halloween "present" on Wednesday. How excited she will be when she opens this present and finds a gift from her missionary son. I know I would be.

Good job, Elder Dahl.

You can find this pattern at

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