Saturday, October 13, 2012

Witch hat for Elisa

When I got out my many boxes of Halloween decorations, I found I had two witch hats that I had used in the past as costumes. I decided to decorate them instead this year. This is mine:
This is Elisa's [I like hers better]:

Simple and easy to do. Just a little ribbon and some flowers and leaves from fall silk flowers. I did not glue anything down; I just pinned the flowers and ribbon to keep them from moving. The leaves are just stuck in and around. I did stuff the hat with crepe paper to give it substance. The second hat's flower is black and probably doesn't show up as well as the top hat, but it is really cool looking.

As long as I am posting, I will post pictures of some of my other Halloween decorations I have up and around our house.

The quilt above and the close up of the two below this is the quilt made from the blocks received from my quilt block exchange through plus extras that Elisa and I exchanged with each other. I struggled to get all the blocks to fit in together. After all was said and done and the quilt was quilted (thank you, Elisa), I love it. I wish I could keep it up all year long. It is probably my favorite quilt.

The scarecrow above has been posted on this blog before. It is another of my favorites. Let's face it, Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love the colors associated and the characters, too. This was an easy quilt to do. I had in my stash from way back who knows when a panel of a scarecrow. It was made to be a door panel, but I did not like what it was designed to be. I cut the scarecrow and the pumpkins out and appliqued them onto a great plaid fabric, added a couple of borders and look what I got. I think it is great. It really complements the block exchange quilt, too. Thanks to my dear husband for hanging them together here.

The above quilt is one I made when I had my shop. Moda had put out this great line. We were carrying the whole line along with charm packs and layer cakes. To help highlight the line, I put this together out of one of the packages of charm packs. I loved it then and even more now, as it brings back wonderful memories of my quilt shop. How I miss it and all the people that shopped there.

 At the quilt shop, Cindy Brock and I hosted an evening class on how to make fabric pumpkins. This is the one I made. I love the fabric I chose to use. It is Halloween but not a traditional Halloween.

 This quilt hanging over our loveseat is a quilt top I purchased on e-Bay for less than $30. I has a lot of traditional Halloween fabrics. I put the border on it and quilted it. I should have taken a picture of the back. The fabric is so cute that I often turn the quilt over and show that side instead.

 This little quilt is a wall decoration Elisa made for me two Halloweens ago. She knows how much I love Halloween and whipped it up. It is one of my favorites. I keep it up all year around. During non-Halloween times it hangs in my quilting studio. I love it.

 This quilt was made several years ago for my sister. I loved it so much that I have never mailed it to her. Plus I don't know if she would take offense to it. It says "Things just haven't been the same since the house fell on my sister." Tee hee.

 I belong to Sacramento's River City Quilt Guild. A few years ago I participated in a challenge quilt project. This is what I came up with.

 Spider webs seem to be a theme for me. I HATE spiders, except to decorate at Halloween time. This is a huge plate glass window that is in my dining area. It overlooks a wooded area behind our house where a lot of critters, both large and small, live. It seemed an appropriate place to hang it.

When my kids were little, I made these pumpkins. My kids are now in their late 30s and early 40s, so the pumpkins are holding up quite well. Especially considering the boys thought they were inside balls they could throw around. I guess because they only come out a few weeks every year, the wear and tear on them doesn't show too much. The only part that is starting to fray are the stems. I made them out of green felt. They still make for a cute fall display.

I have more stuff outside but I figured this was enough to show you how much I love Halloween. Have a great and spooky holiday.

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  1. Hi Peggy. Love all your Halloween pictures. I have a black hat similar to one of yours and I wear it when I open the door to give out candy. What fun. Loved seeing all your holiday pictures.


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