Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Auburn's Quilt Show 2010

Last weekend was Auburn's Quilt Show. It was tremendous. Elisa and I were there as vendors representing Beehive Quilts. We did very well, thank you. We also got to see a lot of people we know, which was great fun.

I bought way more than I should have. Owning fabric is an obsession. Now I just need to do something with all of that. The best part was two people had something I wanted and I had something they wanted. I had never thought of trading before. They suggested it. It worked for all of us. I wound up with a great book on how to use my fabric calculator, and it was signed by the author! I hope to carry both the calculators and the book on my website soon, so watch for them. The other trade I received a great pattern for a quilt that has a lighthouse, shoreline and Cape Cod-type houses. I have seen it made up. Now I can make it, too.

I did not take pictures of any of the quilts. I apologize for that, as they had some great quilts on display there. My favorite was a group effort wall hanging. Four ladies each took one house from San Francisco and made it into a thin long quilt. Then the four quilts were hung together as one quilt. The houses in question are the Painted Ladies, which is a row of terrific-only-in-San-Francisco houses. If you have seen pictures of SF, you have seen these houses, I am sure. The replication was just beautiful.

One of the teachers from our shop was represented there. Laurel Anderson was there. She mentioned she had a quilt entered in the show. I went over to see it. It took 1st place in the category it was entered AND it took first place in viewers choice. It was a stunning quilt. I contacted Laurel today, and she sent me a picture of it. She also stated she will teaching how to make this quilt at Bear Paws and Hollyhocks in Sacramento. Her classes fill up fast. Contact them to sign up soon. You can check out the other items she has done on her website at

Great weekend. This weekend, actually starting tomorrow, is the Renegade Quilt Run. It is the one our shop was involved with last year. Great fun. I tried to find exact information to link you to. All I found were shops saying it was this weekend. I did find my listing from a year ago showing what shops are involved and where they are located. You can find that at Just remember Beehive Quilts in Woodland is no longer opened. So do not drive all the way there. I am pretty sure the others are still part of the run. I know Bear Paws and Hollyhocks and Runs with Scissors is. Go and have fun.

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