Thursday, April 29, 2010

I have been busy

This has been a busy week in quilting for me. I was supposed to go to a quilting group on Monday, but I stayed home and finished piecing a quilt top that I started in February. I decided I want to applique some vines and leaves or flowers on the sashing. I will present it when it is totally done.

Tuesday I sewed a binding on a quilt going to Quilts for Kids - Davis Chapter. They had given me six quilts to quilt for them. I finished them and gave them all back to them for distribution. Then I quilted a quilt for Project Linus. That evening I sewed a binding on a quilt I made last fall. It was quilted and everything, just needed the binding.

Wednesday I returned two quilts I had quilted for Project Linus. I also gave them the quilt I had made and did the binding on yesterday. She in return gave me two more to quilt and one for Elisa to quilt. Then I quilted a cheater quilt for the Flying Needles Quilting Guild. It was easy because it was small. The fabric they gave to me looked like a crazy quilt, so I just added backing and batting and quilted it. Now I have to put some binding on it.

Today I got up earlier than normal. I decided to put one of the small quilt tops I received from Project Linus yesterday on the short arm on long table Elisa let me borrow. It is great fun to sew on it. By doing community quilts, I am learning how to use it better. And they are keeping me busy with them. I was able to quilt one quilt before 8:30 a.m. today. Ann from Project Linus came back today to give me that one of the quilters wanted me to quilt. I gave her back the one I quilted this morning. Then I started another one of theirs and finished it around 1:30 p.m. I started to put a quilt on that I am putting together for Flying Needles. Hopefully I will have that done before evening. Then I will try to get the binding on the two I have done for the guild.

See why I said I have been busy? It is fun, though. I hope you are enjoying your quilting projects, too. If it is not fun, then why do it?

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