Friday, July 29, 2016

Amy Bradley's Camper Quilt blocks

My friend, Venita, and I are working on completing Amy Bradley's Camper Quilt. We fell in love with the pattern at first sight and decided to do our own personal Block of the Month, only we do it whenever we decided to get together and work on each block. The pattern has eight regular blocks and two extra blocks. We have done five of the regular blocks. This is my most recent one done:

Below is the front of the pattern. As you can see, Amy used a theme to her blocks so that they all looked alike. I was not sure how I was going with mine until I had completed two of them. I decided to make each one a little different depending upon the background fabric I chose.

The first one I did had a flamingo in it. I love this particular one. Because of the flamingo, I chose a background of palm trees and flamingos and then put my own flamingo by the camper.

The fourth one I did is below. I chose bicycles as my background fabric. On an outing after making this block, I found a fat quarter at a fabric shop that had bicycles in it. Bought it, brought it home and fussy cut a bike out and appliqued it next to the camper. Cute, I think.

For some reason, I did not take the other two camper blocks alone. I did take a picture to show Venita what the four I had done looked together. That was a concern for me since they are each so independent from the others.

The top two are the others I have not already shown here. I like them both. One is a forest setting background; the other has umbrellas, which the pattern had, too.

Each of the blocks will have fabric from the camper of that block sashing it. Then I have purchased (but have not received yet) fabric that has mountains, forests, rivers trucks, cars and campers throughout. I ordered it on line and should be receiving it soon. That fabric will be the sashing and border around all the blocks.

I am also making the block shown on the cover (see the picture of the pattern cover) of a family camping. There is also another block of an older couple camping. I will do that one, too. Plus I am going to make a block of a campground near a lake or river that has only tents. I have to design that one myself.

I am so excited to complete this quilt. Venita is getting ready to go off on her vacation, so I guess I will work on the block that I have to design while she is gone.

I will post progress as I go along.

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